Happy Mother's Day!


The generosity, comradery, and zest for life that epitomizes our Ubuntu community were instilled by the amazing women in our lives that taught us to love, care for others, and never take ourselves too seriously. Here's to all the mother figures in our lives!

I am humorous because my mother made me laugh at the silly things at home.
— -Veronica Njuguna, Community Health Worker-
I am a writer, because my mom taught me how to be a good storyteller.
— -Tribe member, Eric Webber on LaNelle Webber-
I am open minded because my mother showed me how to be quick to forgiveness and acceptance.
— - Sarah Schroller, Ubuntu Made Intern -
I am a good listener because my mother, Naomi, taught me how to be attentive when others are talking.
— - Esther Mwangi, Ubuntu Made Mum
I am a loving mother because my mother, Esther, loved me unconditionally.
— - Emily Akoth, Ubuntu Made Mum
I am humble because my mom showed me how much fun it was to laugh at myself.
— - Valerie Cox on Betsy Henderson, Tribe Members -
I am patient because my mother, Hannah Njeri, taught me how to tolerate others.
— -Teresiah Nyokabi, Ubuntu Made Mum-
I am a good mother to my children because I learned motherhood tips from my mother.
— - Aidah Ngina, Community Health Worker-
I am a much better person, citizen, and friend because my mom, through her words and actions, taught me to:
never hate no matter the situation or the person,
recognize and accept people for who they are,
lend an empathetic ear to those who need it most, and
always greet others with a genuine and sincere smile.
My respected and beloved mom, Martha Lee Melonson; may she rest in peace and guide us all to be better people.
— -DJ Melonson, Tribe Member-
I am a keen follower because my mother, Lucy, taught me how to pay attention.
— -Beatrice Nduta, Ubunti Made Procurement & Inventory Manager-
I am a God fearing woman because my mother raised me and instilled Christian values in me.
— -Maggy Wairigia, Finance Clerk-
I am a believer in love’s ability to conquer all because my Mother’s life is a testament to how much happiness one person can create for those around them when they truly open their heart to the world.
— -Damon Hartye on Mary Anne Hartye, Tribe Members-