Older and Wiser: A Reflection on 15 Years from Jeremiah

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It’s hard to imagine that 15 years have passed while working for Ubuntu and doing community work.  There are lots of great memories of all that has happened in our lives and within the community. 

I met with Zane when I was just a simple soul working hard to improve the lives of 140 children in an orphanage.  He noticed me but my face was too preoccupied with the overwhelming need of the children that I was serving.  Zane was touched by the poverty and wanted to come again and learn and also explore ideas of how to help.  I am so glad we have kept the friendship going strong and have continued to do lots of good things together. Although I refer to him as a tick that grabs and never leaves yet we have enjoyed the ride together. 

When you care about humanity and a community that is struggling to make ends meet, the desire is always to make a difference in your own small way. 

Zane and I decided to have lunch every week and we did for a whole year.  The rest of the story is what we are celebrating now. 

We learned about each other and also learned about the community culture and needs. 

We knew we were going to do something and also wanted to do it right. We tried many things and I can say in 15 years we have done it, we have succeeded and we have also failed enough times. We have felt the pain and the challenging side of doing community work.  We have almost shut down the company for lack of resources, but one thing has been very clear and convincing without a doubt.  That all the lives we have touched and impacted are worth every dime we have spent.   We have learned that we are all connected and there is need for everyone to do their part. 

As a result of staying true to the call, fifteen years later, many children have gone to school and have successfully graduated, many lives have been saved through our health care program, many families have acquired property and now have a place to call home while many others have started side businesses as they work for Ubuntu. 

We have seen company growth and also personal growth on all our staff.  We have witnessed needs being met from the very basic need of food and shelter, to greater needs being met of self esteem and a sense of belonging. It has been a joyful ride despite all the challenges. 

Our program for children with special needs continue to be a winner in every aspect.  Children are now living with dignity and receiving training and support to run their lives independently.  The kind of transformation we have seen in some of our children is incomparable. The moms have a great self esteem and huge appreciation of the efforts to appreciate the special gifts of children who they had always considered as a curse. And not to mention that due to consistent income, the moms have a voice in family decisions, something that was only a dream is now a reality to many. 

I am thankful to God for the far he has brought us and I am thankful to many Tribe members and friends of Ubuntu that have stayed faithful from the very beginning until now. For all your love and sharing of your resources with us, we say God bless you abundantly. 

There are many more families who are still in need of a hand to be able to do and live as expected. They need the love, care and the opportunities that will improve their lives. 

I urge our Tribe members to stay the course and continue to be our ambassadors of the good work going on here. 

Thank you all and Asante Sana. 

I have grown older and definitely wiser. 

God bless!