Rubie Tuesdays: How Our Kenya Team Responded to UBUNTU

Rubie Tuesdays

i am very optimistic : we are life changers

I cannot contain my excitement about our shift to UBUNTU! She says it’s due to the fact that UBUNTU is geared towards social impact as they run social enterprises. 

I feel as though I'm working for a different company, even though I've has been on the team for almost 5 years. The simplification that comes with our new model makes it easy to elaborate on who and what UBUNTU is all about.

I remember when Zane and Jeremiah officially announced the change to our team during our retreat to  Mombasa in August. Almost immediately, an infectious fire of love spread for our new brand, UBUNTU.  From the initial announcement to brainstorming and open forum sessions, I saw how the team embraced the "mojo" of UBUNTU through their gestures and new mantras, namely by chanting "UBUNTU POWER!" over and over. It drove everyone crazy in the most freaking awesome way! :)

Zane and Jeremiah spearheaded the UBUNTU team spirit way before we set out for Mombasa by encouraging us all to understand where we have come from and that we are headed for bigger and better with the transition. Each team member played a unique role in embracing the transition and the team hungrily consumed all the details on the UBUNTU model, which they found refreshing and clear to understand.

Another noteworthy observation was how the team mingled without any fear and truly interacted in the spirit of UBUNTU. We felt honored by the presence and great contributions of Dr. Barrie Arachtingi, UBUNTU Board President, greatly enjoying spending time with her during the retreat. This spirit of camaraderie has only increased after the retreat; it has been such a marvelous metamorphosis for the UBUNTU Family.

Each day since, I have witnessed the dynamic and spirited socialization between the members of the UBUNTU family between each other and with community members. The manner in which most of the community has received and adopted the transition is mind boggling. It's so exciting to see community that knew us as CTC cheer on the change to UBUNTU!

Personally, I feel that my role is now more strategic in the organization. I feel inspired by Dr. Dennis O’Grady who says, “Change is necessary in life to keep us moving, to keep us growing and to keep us interested. Imagine life without change….. It would be static, boring and dull!”

I believe in UBUNTU! We have ignited a great fire and we're just getting started! 

Rubie Tuesdays