UBUNTU: CTC International rebrands, now called UBUNTU


Social entrepreneurial company announces a simplified model to provide sustainable impact in Kenya.
Austin, TX: Today Comfort the Children (CTC) International introduced the company’s new name, UBUNTU. A social business that creates jobs and infrastructure for communities in Kenya,  the organization’s new brand reflects both the evolution of the company and its vision for a simplified and replicable model for social entrepreneurs. 

Since its beginning in 2008, CTC International focused on empowering communities and creating opportunities that provide livelihoods for people in Kenya. Today, the company operates under the same vision by building social businesses whose income combined with charitable giving provides the resources to sustain the company’s non-profit impact initiatives.

UBUNTU means “I am because we are,” and has been a pillar within company culture and vision since day one. Rebranding as UBUNTU is a nod to the meaningful relationships and story that both established and continues to motivate the company.

“We are excited about this shift as it better reflects who we have always been:  humanity coming together as community, commonly bound by a shared belief that we can create what we envision and what we envision is an empowered world starting with the people of Maai Mahiu, Kenya.  When the conversations began about the rebrand the desire was to create a name that represents our core value while at the same time creating a brand that simplifies and unifies the way we communicate the results of our work in Kenya,” say co-founders, Zane Wilemon and Jeremiah Kuria.

UBUNTU’s new tag line, “i am : we are” invites individuals to strengthen his or her is connection to the greater whole, encouraging a sense of loyalty and commitment to people around the world.

UBUNTU’s leadership believes that the rebrand and new logo, coupled with a refreshed business model, will help to deepen the relationships between the current and potential partners and UBUNTU’s diverse departments. The company’s move to rebrand and reposition itself is designed to create solutions for businesses interested in adding a social impact element to their organization.

“As a result of this change you can expect us to be more transparent in the lives that are being changed, how they are being changed and why we are creating this type of change in our communities.  The goal is to unify and simplify, and that means greater impact that is more easily digestible for our friends, family and supporters,” note Zane and Jeremiah.


UBUNTU creates community by building businesses to sustain social impact. The UBUNTU model creates a new cycle of livelihood between social business and nonprofit growth. The earned and charitable income from UBUNTU’s social businesses feed directly into the well-being of social impact initiatives in Kenya.