Announcing A New Chapter

Zane and Jeremiah - Olden Days

To our CTC family,

Jeremiah and Zane here, writing to say thank you for your love and support for our organization that builds and changes the lives of communities in Kenya. It is because of you that we continue to grow and for that we say, Asante!

For over 10 years CTC has been working passionately to empower communities and create opportunities that provide livelihoods for many. What started out as an unlikely friendship between the two of us has grown into something beyond our wildest dreams. Originally we talked about how to bring hope into Kenyans' homes and now we are talking about how to create more jobs, style the latest lifestyle brand, grow our special needs school, own our power as a team, craft delicious cheese and coffee...all with the same end of bringing hope into Kenyans' homes. 

As a result of this growth as people and as a company, the time has come for us to re-brand and bring the identity that better defines who we are, who we have been, and where we are going. It is with the same founding spirit that initially brought the two of us together and has forged friendships with countless others that we announce our new name, UBUNTU.

We are excited about this shift as it better reflects who we have always been:  humanity coming together as community, commonly bound by a shared belief that we can create what we envision and what we envision is an empowered world starting with the people of Maai Mahiu, Kenya. When the conversations began about the re-brand, the desire was to create a name that represents our core value while at the same time creating a brand that simplifies and unifies the way we communicate the results of our work in Kenya.

The Kenya team is super excited and ready for us to move to the next level as a company and as a unified team. They are ready to bring the financial numbers and impact statistics that show the change we are creating in Kenya. As a result of this change you can expect us to be more transparent in the lives that are being changed, how they are being changed and why we are creating this type of change in our communities. The goal is to unify and simplify and that means greater impact that is more easily digestible for our friends, family and supporters.

Thank you so much for your continued support and let's now build UBUNTU together.

i am: we are. 

Cheers and Big love!

Jeremiah & Zane