UBUNTU Tribe - What's it all about?

See every stage of impact that happens with you join #UBUNTUtribe. Let us show you what a new way of giving looks like.

This is Josephine and she works for UBUNTU Made/LIFE Line, our lifestyle brand. Your Tribe membership allows her and all our mums to work on a steady salary, open a bank account, purchase land, and explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

All the beaded products, including the popular LOVE Bracelet, is handmade by Maasai women. Traditionally, these women only get paid if they sell a product. Because of Tribe, they get paid for every piece they sell. Every dollar that goes into UBUNTU Made multiplies and becomes re-invested.

UBUNTU Cafe serves up the tastiest menu in town. Tribe members helped us purchase land, break ground, build, outfit the cafe, and train staff.

The Cafe is a nutritional center for the town and also a haven for team members like Tabitha, who uncovered a passion for food and talent for management after being hired with the help of Tribe members.

The cafe sources fruit, vegetables, and eggs straight from the UBUNTU Farm on the same land.

UBUNTU Tribe members not only helped physically plant trees and a fruit orchard on the land, membership helps the Farm grow organic produce which is sold every weekend at the market in Nairobi, multiplying initial investment.

Stephen graduated from the UBUNTU School for kids with special needs and now works on the Farm, where we are able to provide jobs and training with the help of our Tribe.

UBUNTU Farm also provides revenue for Maasai goat and sheep farmers, who sell milk to us for cheese production in partnership with Brown's Cheese. This is a sustainable program, proving investment into impact.

Say hello to our UBUNTU Team! A special group of Tribe members, called UBUNTU Core, have committed this year to cover the salaries of our entire core team in Kenya!

Tribe membership reaches every corner of UBUNTU, providing jobs for an entire security team.

Jeremiah leads the team in Kenya!

Our Kenya office boasts a group of people just as passionate and hardworking as you. They are dedicated to UBUNTU and love connecting with our Tribe members.

Tribe members are invited to visit our team every year to see the impact with their own eyes!

When you become an UBUNTU Tribe member, your donation is invested into our social businesses, where it multiplies to support or non-profit programs, like UBUNTU Green.

This is an example of the town before UBUNTU Green, our waste management service.

This is after UBUNTU Green! Tribe helps fund this clean-up initiative, which not only educates the community on our environment, but keeps disease from spreading, as well.

UBUNTU Heal is a partnership with Dell Children's to offer safe and free clinics to the community. Throughout the year, we offer free HIV/AIDS screening and counseling.

Children all over the community now have access to healthcare through UBUNTU Heal.

The UBUNTU School is a partnership with Acacia Fund, providing education, therapy, and training for kids with special needs.

UBUNTU School also employs one physical therapist and teachers who love our kids!

You're invited to join this spectacular group of people! We have meet-ups in cities across the US...

...and in Kenya!

Every year, we take a Tribe team to Kenya.

We'd love to have you walk the land with us!

Start now. Membership begins at $25/month: it's time to join a new way of giving!