The 5th Annual Tribe Campaign is Here!

Just on the heels of our UBUNTU launch, we're thrilled to jump into our 5th year anniversary of Tribe!

What is UBUNTU Tribe?

UBUNTU Tribe is a new way of giving.

Our members are people who are committed to creating positive change. Tribe believes that impact begins with investing in people. 

When people ask, tell them why the UBUNTU model works. Your investment is a seed that grows with immediacy, creating opportunities and sustaining impact for the people you care about.

How do I join?

We're happy you asked. Become a member right here and we'll send you an exclusive slim LOVE Bracelet today!

I'm already a member - yay!

This year we want every Tribe member to recruit. Call your mom, Tweet your friends, tag your co-workers. Because you're committed to creating lasting change and when one person gives, we ALL thrive.

When you recruit one member, we'll send you an exclusive slim LOVE Bracelet that very day. We like ya.

How do I recruit?

Here's a simple Tribe Tool Kit to get you started!

1. Tweet about it!

  • It's time for a new way of giving. Join me and @ubuntubrand:
  • I just joined #UBUNTUtribe because I'm for lasting change and a new way of giving. Become a member here:
  • Want to give back but don't know where to start? Check out @ubuntubrand, where every gift grows: #UBUNTUtribe

2. Grab a graphic below and post on Instagram or Facebook - tag @ubuntubrand!

3. Tell people why you love Tribe. It's as simple as that.