5 Reasons I Loved Interning With UBUNTU Made

My last week of being the Digital Marketing Intern at UBUNTU Made is coming to an end, and I’m sad to see it go so fast. I’ve spent a solid two and a half months learning the ins and outs of the business side of social media. Turns out its more than just selfies and hashtags – a lot more. I absolutely loved this opportunity, and here's why:

1. They Pay For Lunch! 

Being my first internship, I was really afraid of being the youngest and therefore most inexperienced person in the office. Especially when I still have three years of college ahead of me. Thankfully, I never had to feel this way, or even worry about it. Everyone on this team welcomed me with open arms. I got to tag along on the book club, office lunches, Summer Fridays, and other ventures. They even bought me lunch more times than I can count (as promised on the application)! And if you remember your broke college days, you understand just how amazing that really is. UBUNTU Made did an amazing job at making me feel like I had a place in the office.

2. What You Do Can ACTUALLY Change A Life

The first time I was assigned to edit a blog story of one of the UBUNTU Made Mum’s was when the full impact of this company hit me. All that is done here is done to better the lives of others, and that’s at the top of every agenda. Not everyone gets to be involved with something that so positively impacts the world, and I’m pretty lucky that I was chosen to be included this summer. Even though my vacation from school was spent interning, I found it was easy to get up and go to the office every morning. When you know that you do is important to so many other lives, work becomes a lot easier. Everything I was assigned in the past few months put into perspective how much everyone in this office is affecting someone else. Bettering, empowering, however you want to say it, each task performed with this brand will impact a future.

3. You'll Sharpen Your Hand Modeling Skills

I never once was assigned to bring the office coffee, and I wasn’t the copy girl either. I actually got to DO something, which not all interns are able to say. Between Tweets, Instagram, Facebook, and Blog posts, I was given my own specific role. I learned how to use social media in a different light, and how to connect to an audience through many different platforms. I was trusted with the voice of the company and it was awesome that they let me run with it. I also got to be the subject of many Insta-pics, and I'm really hoping that my hands become famous one day. Professional hand model just made my resume.

4. Their Zest For Life

Many times I was able to listen in on some heavy duty brainstorming ideas and meetings between the team. The people here have a zest for life, and a passion to brighten futures. Of course, they know that they’re changing the lives of many Kenyans, but little did they know they were changing mine as well. Interning here taught me the value of the famous quote, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Because the work here doesn’t quite feel like work, and when you leave at 5 you feel like what you completed today mattered, and might just change someone’s entire life. Whether or not you’ve been a part of it before, it’s a pretty awesome feeling.

5. It's Hard To Leave

In my opinion, UBUNTU blessed me with the best internship I could have gotten this summer. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and was pointed in a direction for my future. Specifically, I want to thank Brittany for being the most amazing boss and for letting me find my way. I got to jump in and learn hands on, with few restrictions. I have loved every part of this experience, and thank you for letting me be a part of the journey!