Ladies Who LOVE: Meet Nashipae

Stories of impact from the hands that beaded your LOVE Bracelet.Nashipae is a Maasai name meaning “happiness”. Nashipae is a 26 year old woman with 3 children and has been married for 10 years. She's one of our beading mums in Ngong and has been working with UBUNTU Made since 2014.

Like many Maasai women, Nashipae’s passion is in beading, rather than the traditional cattle work. She was taught to bead from her mother so that she could provide an income for her family. She explains that her beaded work is what put food on her family's table.

After few months in the UBUNTU Made program, Nashipae managed to buy 5 goats with the money she earned. Since then, she had gained three more! Her family name, Noolarami, means "a person who looks after cattle". It's very apparent that she values cattle, and views them as the wealth of her family. But, her heart still belongs to Maasai beading.

“I like it when we have big orders, because that means I don't have to sell firewood, which is hard work!”

Her ready for market products and good monthly income makes Nashipae a very happy mum! Her dream is to continue working with UBUNTU Made to empower even more mums in her local community.