UBUNTU Made Loves

For the first round-up of "UBUNTU Made Loves," we featured other brands working in the socially conscious realm and benefiting communities around the world. This time around we're talking about brands that give back, and these three just happen to be near and dear to our heart.


Kammok is an outdoor brand connecting people through adventure and reaching a community of seekers who care about the impact of their purchase. Each product sold has a direct impact on improving our natural resources and benefiting people in need.

Specifically, Kammok partners with 1% For the Planet, which means that 1% of revenue goes back to UBUNTU, UBUNTU Made's "mother-ship," so-to speak. Not only is the mission great, their product is quality and fun - we're fans for more reasons than one.


This isn't the first time you've seen Zazzle on our blog and it probably won't be the last. For years, Zazzle and LIFE Line have been friends and this year we took the relationship to the next level. We love Zazzle because they are dedicated to the makers of their products as much as they are the customers who personalize and design them. Zazzle sent their co-founder, Jeff, to Kenya to meet with our mums and he personally sat down with them to learn about what they enjoy creating. After that trip, Zazzle Heart was formed - a specialized line of products hand-sewn by the UBUNTU Made mums, featuring an exclusive Maasai shuka pattern.


You know that American Eagle partnered with UBUNTU Made to bring the LOVE Bracelet to an audience bigger than we could ever imagine, but did you know that American Eagle has basically never done anything like this before...ever? We visited many stores and chatted with many employees who were thrilled to see their company taking a chance on our mums and put their only #AfricaMade product front and center at registers. The friends we've made at American Eagle value their world and care about making a difference and we're proud to be the vehicle they've chosen in their efforts to give back.

Have a favorite to share? Let us know brands you love that give back in the comments!