Ladies who LOVE: Meet Beatrice

Beatrice learned to bead from her mother and grew up doing it for fun. After spending some time unemployed, Beatrice joined the UBUNTU Made mums in 2014 and now uses her skills to provide for her family.

After the #loveisproject, Beatrice managed to re-roof her house ("Manyatta" in Maasai) by purchasing iron sheets, providing a more safe and secure home for her and her son, Maxwell. She also purchased 3 cows and 3 chickens, which then hatched 3 more chicks. She calls them her "blessed chickens!"

Beatrice is called "Nataana" in her Maasai community, a name which means “neighborhood,” that was given to her when she married her neighbor. According to the Maasai culture, you receive a new name once you're married, normally related to where you come from or the current weather conditions. Traditionally, Beatrice should not mention her second name “Nataana” unless someone does so on her behalf.

At her young age, Beatrice dreams to work as a UBUNTU Made mum for many more years.

“I pray that we may get more work to be able to construct a modern house for my family and educate my kids.”