October 10th - 20th

Connect with Kenyans. Feel the impact. Celebrate with a global community committed to creating sustainable development.  

This year we're aiming to secure the long-term sustainability of the Ubuntu Foundation. Over the past year, the Foundation has identified its greatest potential for impact in Kenya through three areas of focus: healthcare, education, and empowered employment. With this tightened focus we are tackling the ambitious goal of making the work of the Foundation sustainable by 2020.

By growing the Foundation’s support now we can ease the financial burden on our income generating programs like Ubuntu Made and free them up to focus even more on their own growth over the next 3 years. This is a goal few nonprofits are able to pursue and we need the support of our entire community of dreamers and ambassadors to do it.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you over the next three years!

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Molly Maxwell & Ryan Sprott, Sarah & Billy Grant,  & Alex Smith, Lucy & Fred Coulson, Blish & Michael Connor, Holly & Tim Mihalovich,Bryan Cady, Logan & Morgan Overman, DJ MelonsonJackie & Mark Robin, Stephanie Webb, James LeeRebekah GainsleyJohn & Sandy Gallagher, Allison Prewitt, Liz Burkhart, Edward & Karen Bezilla, Russell Hughes, Valerie Jurgens, Karen Langley, Steve Lauer, Jennifer Leung, Noelle O'Shea, Joe Warnock, Lindsey Wohlfort, James and Elaine Slater


Bobby Beaver, Jeff Beaver, Rebecca Stubbs, Amal Wilemon, David Butlein, Thomas Bercy & Danika Thomas, John Jertson, Inspiration Foundation, Dustin Donnell, Ken & Beth Malcolm, Joel McAlister, Shane & Margaret Reavis, Joe Ross, Kevin Warden, Ric & William Bonnell, Nathan Dillon, Brooke & Jeff Ezell, Justin & Samantha Halloran, David & Kelley Lannon


William Tice, Chris Skyles, Ryan & Valerie Cox, Devin Scott, Chris & Sarah RoarkKelli LawlessJeffrey & Deanna Serra, Tim & Karin Williamson, Barrie & Bill Arachtingi, Chris & Audrey Munson, Suzi Sosa, Glenn Sutton, Kelly McNearney


Tonie & Rance Wilemon, Brian & Cami Cobb, Justin Haynes, Sandy Garcia, Carolyn McDermott, Mike & Pam Mycoskie, Marjoray Wilemon


Eric Doak, Mission Capital, Tom & Judy Farrell, Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearneyGlen & Corey Melke Hinz, Ken & Ladonna DavisPhilip & Michelle Swatzell


The LeRoy Thom, Jean Thom and T-L Foundation, Inc., Jim McDermott, Wilemon Foundation, Allegro Coffee Company, Whole Foods Market, Inc., Zane Wilemon



Jack & Julie Farrell, Allan Weinberger, Christine Holcombe, Alexandra Panzer, Kori Wood, Melissa Perry, Daniel Brooks, Iba Thiam


Lindsay O'Donnell, Armando Zambrano, Mark Hamilton, Brian & Meaghan HagenhoffScott & Onilda WelchJessica Ramey, Anne Ebert, Cindy McAlister, Ella Tasso Adams, Gina Safdar, Brady Sadler, Ashton Arthur, Brio Yiapan, Leigh NavarroLivi Hauger, Jenna Wilemon, Cali Huffman, Lana Carlson, Gentry Railsback, Dan BuzaidMary Anne Hartye, Maryam Filsoof, Kelsey Janisch, Geoffrey Ryder, Kate Brantley, Jason Laughery, Caroline Boudreaux, Curtis Large & Kristyn Lopez, Nikolaus Spitzy, Celeste & Austin Hope, Katy Hogoboom, Maren Miller, Christine Weigle, Rebecca Stubbs, Julie Houghton, Matthew Pauly, Lori McClure, Aude Giannesini, Chad Goldwasser, Gerald Graham, Amanda Gray, Sharon Green, Beth Hadi, Damon Hartye, Emily Hartye, Marie & Tom Hartye, Andrew Heckler, Mary & Robert Henderson, Peter Hession, Darian Honigsfeld, Vaishali Jadhav, Amy Keillor, Jeremiah Kuria, Jodi Lane, Sandra Lange, Kim Love, Kathy Martin, Shanyn McAfee, William McGuire, Tim and Judy Mekkes, Greg Merchant, Sarah Mgeni, Danielle Neff, Seth Olson, Lisa Owen, Meredith Rogers, Karina Sammons, Pamela Sasche, Ian Steyaert, Dudley Van Court, Eric Webber, Miles Wilkes, Julie Wilson, Susan Wise, Gregory Zlevor, Ladies Who Brunch, Chip Ross, Sarah Aheron, Caren Bamberger, Sean Blasko, Eugenie Bolduc, Briana Carman, Mary Crouch, Michael Del Ponte, Luke & Ayesha Dillon, Paula D'Onofrio, Cameron Doolittle, Shamim Ehsani, Linda Eissler, Alice Johnston

How do I help?

Setup a monthly donation or a one-time give at any level to support the Foundation, freeing up Ubuntu Made now to build for the future!

Current members can help too! Increase your monthly give by whatever amount you'd like, make a one-time give on top of your monthly support OR help us spread the word by sharing these celebrations with your community!


What's It Like to be a Tribe Member?

You celebrate with other members at events across the country. You proudly read stories directly from our Kenya team on the lives being changed. You get teary eyed when you get handwritten letters from the people you're empowering to serve their own community. And you look GOOD rocking products from Ubuntu Made and our partners through giveaways and exclusive deals. But most of all, you wake up excited to know you're a part of a community that is changing the world!

WHat am I supporting?

By investing in Ubuntu, you are investing in creating positive change and direct impact on communities in Kenya. 

Ubuntu is the biggest employer in many of the communities we serve, and with your help we can continue to build truly empowered employment as well as thriving health and education initiatives to support community needs.



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