UBUNTU Medical Director




Sandy Garcia

Dr. Sandy Garcia, a Pediatric Emergency Physician, started her passion for helping others at an early age.  At five, she knew she would become a doctor. This passion unfolded while attending medical school at The University of Texas Medical Branch after graduating UT Austin. During medical school, she participated in a medical mission to Mexico, providing care to the underserved. This would be the first experience that would set her on a path of international medical work. After completing residency in California, she worked for the Public Health Service in San Diego, tending to the needs of the children of migrant farm workers. Realizing the increasing needs for international service, she completed a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Texas Children's Hospital. For the past 18 years, Dr. Garcia has traveled the world providing medical care to children in need. Introduced to CTC International three years ago, she has traveled to Kenya four times, collaborating with Dell Children's Hospital and other pediatric ER's to create sustainable medical care for the children of Kenya. Her passion for creating sustainable health and wellness, both locally and internationally, led her to study Functional Medicine. With a passion for improving health and getting to the root cause of disease, she now practices Functional Medicine and creates sustainable health and wellness programs, both locally and abroad from a holistic perspective.