Family to Family

Family to Family is built on the idea that our global community will only reach its full potential when our children are raised with understanding of what it’s like to spend a day in someone else’s shoes. The program connects families in the US to the families we serve in Kenya through direct communication and stories that outline what our families are facing every day.



We believe that all children should receive life-saving health care, regardless of their location or financial standing, and self-esteem for the rest of the family who already face a lot of stigma due to the illness/epilepsy.




For many of our children this health care means that for the first time in their lives they are able to walk, talk, play with their friends, attend school, build self esteem, and contribute fully to their family and community.



By treating the needs of the child, we can reduce the extreme financial burden on the parents, enable many parents to return to work or increase their available work hours, and empower the siblings that often share the responsibility ofcare and concern.


The Ubuntu Special Needs Centre costs approximately USD $5,000 per month to keep open.

This covers staffing for individualized rehabilitation programs for each child, specialized learning, nutritious food, home visits from our Community Health Workers, and everything it takes to keep a school open, from utilities to rent.

We are looking to help fund the ongoing costs of the Ubuntu SNC so that we can focus on fundraising to build a new combined school and medical pediatric clinic on the Ubuntu land where the Ubuntu Made factory (where many of the mums of our students work) and Cafe Ubuntu currently sit. This would allow us to serve many more children in the Maai Mahiu region, provide consistent medical care to pediatric patients in need, and improve the quality of care that we are able to provide this community.


We're looking for 7 families.

Only 7. Because we want this connection to be meaningful. Because this is a unique partnership and we want to find the right families on both sides of the world.

This will be an intimate connection for families on both sides of the world. The US families help us fund our Foundation programs while being directly connected with our families in Kenya.

We will facilitate fun and interactive communication between our families that will bridge the gap between our communities and allow children from both countries to gain a greater understanding of what it is like to live across the world.


What family to family entails

Quarterly letters and subscription boxes from Kenya: A box handpacked by our families in Kenya which could include everything from products from Ubuntu Made (made by the mum of the family), letters or art from the kids, and a personal letter from the parents.

Personal connection to families in Kenya: You will be invited to share your own story and letters with the family you are connected to. We will deliver letters directly from you to the mothers of the families in Kenya who are connected to Ubuntu in order to maintain a meaningful connection through the ups and downs and as our Ubuntu kids and their families grow.

Quarterly reports: As investors in the Ubuntu Kids, you will receive reports of our progress in all of the programs impacting our Foundation - from fundraising for the new clinic and school to bios of the new students who have joined us to notes on progress of our current students. You will have the opportunity to celebrate with us the big and little wins along the way - when our kids walk for the first time in their life, when they graduate to a mainstream school, or even when they have their first seizure free month since entering our program.

Personalized video updates from the families in our program: Our team in Kenya will be taking videos with our Ubuntu kids families that have been selected for this program so that they can share songs, stories, and smiles with your family.

Invitation to Family to Family events: We will be hosting bi-annual informal events open only to Family to Family members, where you will be able to connect to other U.S. side families committed to Ubuntu Kids.

Exclusive invitation to a Family to Family trip to Kenya: The inaugural Family to Family team will be specifically curated for Family to Family members to see the direct impact of their investment and to meet the families who they have been connecting with through the program.

What family to family costs

$750 a month. That is the ongoing cost of keeping the school open divided among 7 families.

This brand new program is exclusive because we are creating a unique link between trusted families on either side of the world. We intend for this relationship to be honest, meaningful, and a commitment from both sides.

If you are interested in investing in our programs and having a meaningful connection with a family in Kenya, please email for more information.