Café Ubuntu Light Roast Coffee now available at your local Whole Foods Market

It's Namesake is an actual Café in Kenya

The Café is a beacon for the roughly one million tourists who drive through the area each year on their way to the famous Maasai Mara. Café Ubuntu also stands as a symbol of the power of collaboration: a partnership between Allegro Coffee, Ubuntu, thousands of Whole Foods Market Team Members, Whole Foods customers and community members in Kenya and around the world who either enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee or walk through the doors of our Café in Kenya.

What does it taste like?

Like the African concept of ubuntu or interconnectedness, Café Ubuntu is a blend of four distinctive East African coffees that join harmoniously to create a cup with rich notes of golden raisin, maple and fig.

But there’s more to it than a satisfying cup of coffee...

What is Café Ubuntu Coffee?

Café Ubuntu Coffee is committed to creating jobs and empowering communities in Kenya. This light roast coffee shares its name with the Café Ubuntu in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, a joint project between Café Ubuntu, Whole Foods Market® Team Members and Allegro Coffee Company®.

Café Ubuntu is creating jobs and empowering communities through organic food and local coffee culture.


Coffee is one of the top, and undoubtedly best, exports to come out of Kenya. Unfortunately, most farmers have no connection to their product. They don’t experience it roasted beyond cherry form or even know that it’s a beverage, let alone one of the best coffees in the world. Café Ubuntu is changing that.


You get to wake up every day excited to greet new customers from all over the world. You get to pick fruits and vegetables from the garden and serve fresh food every day to the community. And you get to work with really cool, positive people who like their job and want to be there. Café Ubuntu is creating a relational culture as a company while taking the time to instill pride in a crop we produce.


Ubuntu owns 11 acres of land that sits on a major tourist and trade route in Africa. We saw this high volume of traffic as an opportunity to become a beacon for roughly 1 million travelers, so we began by providing two crucial necessities: clean bathrooms and  fresh espresso.


Allegro Coffee Company and Whole Foods Market heard about our vision and helped provide the resources and people to break ground, build, and paint the café. They’ve since returned to Maai Mahiu to train the Café Ubuntu team on how to pull the best shots and provide the utmost customer service.


We never set out to be the same as the other restaurants in the area, so we decided to build a farm on our land to source all the local, organic, and seasonal ingredients featured on the cafe’s menu. By focusing on growing produce that is of the highest quality and combining the ingredients in the most natural and healthy way, we’re creating a community that values true nourishment.

  Café Ubuntu now available at your local Whole Foods Market or  online

Café Ubuntu now available at your local Whole Foods Market or online


+254 715 022 162


1.5Km on the left-hand side from Maai Mahiu Town on your way to Naivasha



Sun - Thurs 8am–8pm

Fri & Sat 8am-10pm