Nature's Medicine

Last year, we established our very own herb garden outside of the cafe...easy access to parsley, rosemary, dill, sage, oregano, mint, and thyme. The plants are flourishing now and make for an inviting sensory exploration! IMG_1866

Apart from these herbal culinary staples, we also included a variety of other herbs that have additional medicinal properties to them:

Lavender- has lots of phytonutirents (good-for-you-compunds) and is also good for relaxation, digestion, irritated skin, and even dandruff!

Aloe- has antioxident and antibacterial properties and is great for the treatment of burns, constipation, prevention of wrinkles, and even helps reduce dental plaque!

Lemongrass- is effective at the supporting healthy cholesterol levels, detoxification, fever reduction, treating insomnia, and is a great insect repellant!

IMG_4434             IMG_4435

We love making lemongrass tea (and even throw in a few nubs of ginger) for a refreshing and soothing afternoon drink!