Fresh Pasta is the Best Pasta!

Earlier this month, we had a hankering to try out something new. After looking around to see what we had in stock (and on UBUNTU Farm) the idea became clear....homemade ravioli! We had a bunch of butternut squash that had just been harvested, plus some extra sauteed swiss chard and homemade ricotta- which would make the perfect filling! IMG_4134     IMG_4160

In no time, our team got to work mixing and rolling out the dough (...a little more difficult considering we didn't have a pasta machine and had to do it all by hand!). As with most things at Cafe UBUNTU, when we get down toIMG_4163 cooking up a serious storm, we also get down to stirring up a serious dance party! What better way to cook, than dance while you do it!?

Our filling came out so well that we had a hard time restraining ourselves so as not to eat it all before it made it into the ravioli! But when all was said and stuffed, we boiled them up and drizzled them with some brown butter sage sauce. Deeeelish!

We even cooked up the dough scraps to make a little tomato based dish, that we sprinkled with Brown's Emelok Cheese, which added a really flavorful smokiness!