Farmer Profile: "J'Man"

IMG_2345 Meet Jeremiah!

Each week or so, he supplies us with 3 dozen local, Kienyeji eggs. He has a small flock of chickens which he rears at his home in Maai Mahiu. He's an avid lemon-ginger tea drinker, and he also happens to be the Director of CTC International.

We love using his eggs, because not only are they locally produced, but they taste great! Their deep yellow yolks are something not commonly found here, partly due to the variety and the way in which the chickens are raised. What they eat is important, as it has been explored that color (and even the nutritive content) of an egg yolk can be correlated to the types of foods that it eats. More carotenoids, which are found in fruits and vegetables, means deeper, darker yellow yolks. So Jeremiah is sure to feed his chickens lots of tasty and nutritious scraps. They eat well, so we can eat well!

Stay tuned next week for an up-close and personal look at our very own chickens....who soon will be laying eggs of their own!