Healthy Soil

Healthy soil, Healthy food, Healthy community.... DSC00719 (restored)

These are the 3 tenets that we hold true at Cafe UBUNTU. Health extends beyond diet and exercise (and we firmly believe in both!), and should be a holistic approach to the self and the world around us. If we are cultivating a healthy planet through responsible stewardship of the environment, we are on the path to cultivating a healthy self.

One of the ways we engage in this practice of environmental stewardship on UBUNTU Farm, is through our dedicated composting systems. We sort all of our biodegradable waste (food scraps, fruit and veggie peelings, paper, ash) from cafe and compost it on the farm using a method of layering...also called the 'lasagna method". Each pile is built to a specific dimension and is created in the following way: the bottom layer consists of brown material (dry grass, wood, charcoal, ash, leaves), then a layer of green material (Cafe biodegradable waste!), a layer of manure (from our goats!), then repeat! Each pile is watered regularly and monitored for the appropriate temperature. Once it reaches its peak and begins to cool, it is turned over so that the biodegrading can continue. After about a month, the pile is decomposed and ready for use on the fields for added nutrition.


The other method of composting we use is called "vermicomposting"....basically composting using worms. Red Wigglers to be specific. We have 4 worm tanks on the farm that are fed veggie scraps and organic waste daily. The worms break down the materials, leaving behind two very important products......worm casings/compost and WORM TEA! The liquid we drain off from these tanks is highly nutritive and applied as an organic fertilizer to the plants on the farm.


With waste from the Cafe, we are able to increase the productivity of the farm, giving us more bountiful and higher quality products!