Café UBUNTU: A Team’s Point of View

Fresh off of a 2 week long Whole Planet Foundation team visit here in Maai Mahiu, guest writer Polly shares a take on dining at the cafe... photo 1

Our meals at Café UBUNTU ranged from “the best butternut squash soup I’ve ever had” to black bean burgers with house-made rosemary-focaccia bread; from herbed lamb chops to three different types of pizza from the wood burning oven; from chapati burritos to roasted local vegetables. All were amazingly delicious, very healthy, and locally sourced. Each meal had a starch, fresh vegetable, and fresh fruit to compliment the main dish. Second helpings were always had and often even thirds! Under review by a team of food experts (we were a Whole Foods Market team after all), not a single meal disappointed.

photo 2         photo 5

Our team, which could normally be found joking with one another, fell silent when it was time to eat. From the first meal to our final debrief (and probably on the plane rides home) we found ourselves complimenting Café UBUNTU’s wonderful food and service again and again. On some of Maai Mahiu’s dustier days, the food was a fresh, colorful pop amidst the arid, light brown landscape. We could not have dreamt up a more comfortable, inviting place to nourish and rest our bodies after long days of projects.

We only have one concern; When is the Café UBUNTU U.S. location opening up?