Seductive Breakfast

"Here's what I'm learning about myself" Rubie Ruth narrates her story about breakfast. I just realized that my life has changed! I have been brought up having a cup of tea and a toast or just tea for breakfast for the last 20years+ without option. I could always take breakfast at a rush for those who schooled in my community clearly understand what that means. A situation where I could have a cup of tea while standing, finishing up my homework, gathering my books together or as I tighten my show races getting ready for a 30 minutes run to school. This might sound interesting but it wasn't fun!! Currently, Cafe Ubuntu's chefs and baristas has tremendously spoiled me but in a good way. As you can see there is nothing imported in Maai Mahiu, it's all local. Things we grow in our gardens.




I could only describe myself as slender and thinking about myself being a DJ, I could only count myself fit for moves little did I know I was eating unhealthy and that gonna come back so hard on me soon and there would be no moves anymore <Sigh>

Zane and Jeremiah, our Executive Director and National Director respectively have been educating us on healthy eating till it clicked our mind! I can confidently say that I have behaved since I joined CTC International three years ago though more needs to be done. It just started small by replacing my Ndazi and Samosa with arrow roots and sweet potatoes which I viewed as a punishment to me then. Am glad Cafe Ubuntu came at the right time helping me fight junk foods and  eating healthy.


Tabitha and Lucy, who have been working with us since the origin of Cafe Ubuntu have been educating people and introducing us into healthy eating!

Isn't this yummy?